Anu found a new companion in ZestMoney for all her shopping needs

Anu found a new companion in ZestMoney for all her shopping needs

Pets make great companions. But pet care may not always be easy financially especially when we don’t compromise when it comes to providing the best for our companions. Anu, a co-founder of an NGO, got to know about ZestMoney when she was purchasing something for her pet dog Rumi. What she immediately liked about ZestMoney was that the process was instant as it was completely digital, and, at the top of it, provided the option to pay in easy EMIs.

“ZestMoney helped me take care of my beloved Rumi without affecting my monthly finances,” reveals Anu. She loved the experience so much that she now uses ZestMoney for all her shopping needs, besides using it for making purchases for Rumi. She is a self-professed fan of our ‘Pay in 3’ offering that lets customers spread their costs over three months at zero percent interest. And since ZestMoney has the largest omnichannel merchant network and is live at 85,000+ stores across the country (10,000 online stores and 75,000+ physical stores), it becomes much easier to use the app at any of them and make your shopping rewarding and richer.

“I would definitely recommend ZestMoney to all my friends and family,” Anu adds. We are elated that Anu has found another companion in ZestMoney for all her shopping and pet care needs. Rumi has never been this happier and neither is Anu.

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